Long / Short Investing

The Investment Manager will use the thematic approach that starts by identifying a list of long-term growth themes. The Investment Manager then uses this selection universe to identify candidates for the Long / Short portfolio, based on his views on a company’s future business prospects.

Algorithmic Trading

During times of increased market volatility, the Investment Manager will seek out stocks with significant price dislocations with the intent of taking advantage of these short-term opportunities.

Global Macro Trading

The Investment Manager will identify opportunities to capitalize on mid-to-long-term global macroeconomic trends. Examples of areas impacted by such trends would include commodities, currencies, individual countries, and global regions.

Event Driven Trading and Special Situations

Event Driven situations include investing where the Fund’s Investment Manager perceives value as a result of a public announcement or event affecting a specific company or industry. Examples would include corporate actions such as spin-offs, mergers, balance sheet restructurings, asset sales, bankruptcies, rights offerings, tender offers, and changes in management.